Digital Marketing: Definition & Strategy

digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is a strategy or effort to market or promote products through all types of digital media. Digital marketing media includes communication channels that we often encounter, both through the Internet and other networks such as telephone and television. The definition of digital marketing itself in Indonesian means digital marketing. In a sophisticated era … Read more

What Is White Label Marketing: Benefits, and Tips

White Label Marketing

Sometimes, a company will outsource to increase its efficiency and productivity. Well, white label marketing is one form of outsourcing . White label marketing occurs when a company uses the services of another company to develop a product idea to execute its service or marketing. Many companies do white label marketing to make their business … Read more

Social Media Monitoring: Best Practices & Tools

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is often forgotten by business owners, especially those who have just started their business. They think that social media management is limited to the content creation process. In fact, this step is also important to know the progress of business promotions that have been carried out. Business owners or social media administrators … Read more